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Training & Mentoring

What's the difference?

Whilst both training and mentoring with me are 1-1 and all about you, they are different as mentoring is for lash technicians that are already qualified and would like to brush up on their skills and acquire more knowledge. Mentoring can be for both newly qualified technicians or technicians that have been lashing for a while. With mentoring we discuss what you'd like to work on, correct any mistakes and improve your work overall. I offer 1hr, 3hr or 4hr mentoring sessions, in a 3 or 4 hour mentoring session you can choose to bring a model to put those new skills to use! Mentoring does not come with a qualification so you can not acquire insurance.


Training is for newbies or someone that is looking to gain a recognised qualification in the industry and be a fully qualified and insured eyelash technician! Training days are much more thorough and I teach you everything you need to know about eyelash extensions on a 1-1 basis meaning no group courses, my focus is on you and only you. After your training you will need to carry out case studies (on real life models) each case study is thoroughly assessed by myself and I provide positive feedback and constructive criticism to help you be the best lash technician possible! I am with you every step of the way, even long after you're fully qualified. Once you're producing safe, quality work you will gain your certificate and be ready to offer your services everyone and really start your new, amazing career. 

VIP 1-1 Beginners Classic Lash Training

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Whats included in the training?

  • 1-1 Private Training with Chantelle focusing on you and only you

  • Full Theory & Practical (on doll & real life model - fully supervised by Chantelle)

  • Extensive Online Manual (lifetime access - printed manual available on request)

  • Continuous Support (even long after you’re fully qualified) 

  • Full Kit (worth £160) 

  • Fully Accredited & Insurable Course 

  • Certificate 

  • Students get 25% off a 1hr mentoring session with Chantelle once fully qualified 

What will I learn?

Here is the contents of your manual, I left nothing at all out of this manual it is jam packed with all of my knowledge so you know everything you need to know about your new career!

1. Introduction

2-3. Anatomy

4. Lash Shedding

5. Professional Ethics, Health & Safety, Hygiene

6-8. Consultation, Contra-indication, Contra-action

9. Sanitisation

10-11. Allergy Testing & Reactions

12-13. Adhesive Theory

14. Work Station Setup

15-16. Preparing The Natural Lashes

17-20. Different Types Of Lashes

21-24. Styling

25-27. Application

28. Post Application

29. Shock Polymerization

30-32. Taping & Layering

33. Aftercare

34. Infills

35. Lash Removal

36. Troubleshooting

37. Taking Photographs

38. Equipment & Consumables

39. Setting Up A Business

40. Taking Bookings

41. Pricing Your Services

42-45. Case Studies

46-47. Step by Step

48-49. Consultation & Allergy Testing Forms


1hr Mentoring Session - £80


1hr Mentoring Session - £80

3hr Mentoring Session - £220

4hr Mentoring Session - £280

VIP Beginners Classic - £500

This course is one full day (10am-5pm) and on a 1-1 basis covering both theory and practical. Case studies are required to gain a qualification. Full kit is included in the price. Ongoing support, even after you're qualified.

More courses coming soon....


Interested in a new exciting career or want to refine your skills?

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