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Do I need a break from eyelash extensions?

Hey lovely’s! So one of my most common questions: Do I need a break from eyelash extensions? Answer: Absolutely not! - - Each and every one of my lovely ladies have their own personalised lash map created by me that suits their eye shape and tailored to what their natural lashes can handle (and any personal preferences) I choose the appropriate thickness/lengths of eyelash extensions that won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes. From looking at your natural lashes I know exactly what lengths/thickness of eyelash extensions that I can apply & what your natural lashes can handle. - - Of course I’ve had some ladies say to me in the past “I don’t care if you damage my natural lashes” but I do, because what’s the point of having lash extensions if they’re going to cause damage and eventually damage your lashes to the point where you’d have snapped/gappy/no natural lashes for me to apply to. - - I’ll never ever use lengths/thickness of lashes that your natural lashes can’t handle. And I’ll always be completely honest with my ladies, if it’s going to cause damage to your natural lashes I won’t do it. - - In fact eyelash extensions can actually help your natural lashes, if they’ve

been previously damaged due to strip lashes for example. Eyelash extensions give your natural lashes the chance to grow as whilst you have eyelash extensions you can’t apply strip lashes and with each infill your lashes will become fuller as your natural lashes start to grow back through. - - So you can carry on having infills for as long as you desire! You’re in safe hands with me. - - Choose the right eyelash technician and you won’t go wrong! This is my passion and I’ll always give my ladies safe but beautiful eyelashes.

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