Each and every one of my lovely ladies have their own personalised lash map created by me that suits their eye shape and tailored to what their natural lashes can handle (and any personal preferences) I choose the appropriate thickness/lengths of eyelash extensions that won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes.
From looking at your natural lashes I know exactly what lengths/thickness of eyelash extensions that I can apply & what your natural lashes can handle.

I’ll never ever use lengths/thickness of lashes that your natural lashes can’t handle.

Aftercare advice is given to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful  lashes.

Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes full, perfect & maintained.

All new clients need a patch test, for insurance reasons.


Classic eyelash extensions are 1 faux mink lash applied to one natural lash (1-1), your natural lash count determines how full the finished looked will be.

Classics are perfect if you don't want a very dramatic/full look and want more of a natural look.

They're simply gorgeous.  ​


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mix of Classic and Russian Volume lashes.

Every Russian fan is handmade by me at the time of application.

Hybrids are my most popular set at the moment and are perfect if you want fuller than Classic but not quite as full as Russian Volume. You can choose to have lighter or fuller Hybrid set (both light and full Hybrids are a 100% coverage but the difference is how many lashes are applied to each natural lash for example 3D will not look as full as 6D in Russian fans.) You can have Hybrids in Uniform or Wispy style.


Russian Volume eyelash extensions are multiple fine faux mink lashes that are handmade in to a beautiful fan by me at the time of application and applied to one natural lash.
Russian volume are perfect for a full/glam look. You can choose to have a lighter or a fuller Russian Volume set (both light and full Russian Volume are a 100% coverage but the difference is how many lashes are applied to each natural lash for example 3D will not look as full as 6D in Russian fans.)

You can have Russian Volume in Uniform or Wispy style.


Mega Volume eyelash extensions are even fuller than Russian Volume, due to them being the finest and most weightless lash you can buy this is why you can add more to each natural lash (up to 10-15 lashes in a fan) without causing any damage to your natural lashes.
Mega Volume is perfect for those with sparse natural lashes wanting a full look or are perfect for a very dramatic/dark & thick look if you have lots of natural lashes. You can have Mega Volume in Uniform or Wispy style.


Wispy lashes have become so popular and it's easy to see why!

These gorgeous lashes are the most technical in regards to styling as it requires different techniques throughout the set to create the Wispy effect but they're so rewarding and truly beautiful.

Wispy lashes look their best in Hybrid, Russian or Mega Volume sets.

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